The Mission for ÇATI

It is our passion to empower new start-ups in their pursuit of immediate and long-term goals via our business connections, and an unwavering commitment to building relationships that deliver results.

The Purpose for ÇATI

The purpose of ÇATI is to organize seminars and networking events to help start-ups to meet new potential clients, generate referrals, identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of expansion for their businesses. Help them to take advantage of the experiences of others before they invest their time and money.

The Vision for ÇATI

At ÇATI, we are connected and surrounded by many talented, driven, ambitious and intelligent individuals. Our statement to these individuals is ‘united we stand united we are stronger’. With this in mind we created many groups from art, science, legal, education, health, and IT sectors, to name but a few. We want each of our groups to grow and excel and create solutions and opportunities in their fields with the support of ÇATI helping them to create their own ÇATI’s.